Astrid Winkler, Senior Project Manager at ‘Face AG’ 

Topic – Emotional Intelligence for Testers


The contexts and circumstances in which testers operate require them to possess more than just testing skills. Testing is essentially an intellectual activity that involves lots of interactional expertise to excel in it. Emotions play an equally crucial role in helping testers perform their best or make things worse for them if they fail to. In this talk, Astrid will present the key idea of Emotional Intelligence and how it can help testers.

Top Takeaway:

  • Why is testing an emotional activity and how can Emotional Intelligence help testers..

Speaker Bio

Astrid is currently working as a Project Lead with Swiss firm named Face AG and is primarily responsible for end-to-end success of multiple campaigns and customer engagements under her umbrella.

She is a skilled project manager with excellent people skills and is also proficient in stakeholder management. Her typical day at work involves talking to her stakeholders, understanding their needs, engaging with third parties, negotiating contracts, creating a project plan, and work with her wonderful team to execute it for success.

Astrid’s colleagues often describe her as passionate, inspiring, reliable, open-minded, creative, responsible, careful, helpful, and fun to work with personality.

Astrid’s key strengths are her sharp observation skills (observing situations, subtleties of human behaviors and factors that have an impact on those) and her ability to quickly adapt to new environments.

Based on her professional experience in different domains, she was able to acquire a wide range of specialist knowledge and skills which help her professionally and personally in different areas of life.

Astrid feels motivated when she gets to use her skills in an open-minded environment, and thus complement and empower the team she works with.

She also works as a freelance journo and content writer by passion. She is a creative, compassionate woman who loves to travel and explore new places in her free time.

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