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Ashok Thiruvengadam , Founder & CEO of STAG Software

Topic – 8 things I do to solve problems creatively


Solving problems is what we do we do everyday. In the context of testing, it could be be many things like figuring out an approach, setting up automation, configuring complex environments etc. In this atomic talk, I outline things I do solve problems creatively like exploring by puttering around, picture-ising, experimenting, taking notes, finding a willing listener, doing nothing, becoming empty and immersion – “8 Things I do to solve problems creatively”.

Top Takeaways:

  • Solving problems creatively.
  • How to see the larva of an idea become a beautiful butterfly, the solution.

Speaker Bio

Ashok is the Founder & CEO of STAG Software, a pure play test boutique. Passionate about solving problems, he is currently focused on SmartQA enabled by Immersive Session Testing. An avid long distance cyclist, ultra marathoner and now a wordsmith, he sees poetry in everything. A proud alumni of College of Engg Guindy and Illinois Tech.

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