Anwar El Wakil

Anwar El-Wakil, Software Developer In Test at Instabug

Topic – Curiosity – A testers most powerful tool.


The presentation revolves around the importance of curiosity across the testing life cycle. We will discuss the importance of asking questions to increase our understanding and uniting the whole team on a single understanding. Also, the importance of digging deeper technically to understand how everything works on a low level. Finally, the importance of tracking the results of our work and using the insights to improve in our future cycle. All three points with great curiosity leads to effective and high-quality software.

Top Takeaways:

  • Be Curious – Ask questions
  • Be Curious – Dig Deeper Technically 

Speaker Bio

A passionate software engineer focused on software security and quality. Anwar has over 5 years of experience in supporting engineering teams in delivering secure and high-quality software on time. Also a co-organizer for the Ministry of Testing meetups in Cairo, helping to connect individuals interested in software quality to network and learn from leading professionals in the industry.

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