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Anuradha Biswas

Anuradha Biswas, Founder & CEO of Prakat, India

Topic – Shift-Left in Digital Accessibility – Taking lessons from the evolution of testing to enable a inclusive and accessible digital environment


The importance of digital accessibility lies not just in its ethical reasons and fairness but also in the fact that building accessible and inclusive digital services and products also brings about overall benefits to the industry and customer. While Siri was a feature that was meant to help PWD use mobile phones more effectively, we can today see the reach of voice assistant across a mobile phone’s entire functional ecosystem. I have personally seen how making workplaces and systems accessible improves overall productivity. Same was the case with software testing. It took years of evolution and lobbying for the software industry to see the importance of early functional testing and how it can be incorporated into all phases of SDLC. I am hoping we learn how important it is to focus on accessibility during the early design of a product.

Top Takeaways:

  • Understanding the importance of digital accessibility.
  • Accessible ecosystem know-how.

Speaker Bio

Anuradha is a women entrepreneur who is the CEO and Founder of Prakat Solutions. Prakat is a technology company that focuses on end to end engineering solutions including – Product Engineering, Test Engineering, Accessibility Engineering & Application Modernization.
Prior to this, she worked with Verifone, Cybercash, Computer Associates, Aztecsoft (acquired by MindTree) & Infosys. She was instrumental in building the Software Testing business ground up at CA & Aztec. She believes her growth in the industry was because of the professional and personal support of many around her. Through her personal story and experiences, she has supported and been a role model for women.
Anu channels her focus & effort in building Inclusive Technology & Cultivating a Diverse workplace.


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