Amy Jo

Amy Jo Esser, Former Director of Quality

Topic – Habits + Deliberate Practice = Mastery 


The importance of doing the fundamentals of learning (observing, asking questions and practicing) exploratory testing skills. This should be done whether you are a newbie or an experienced tester. Challenge to become the best professional tester you can be by implementing Habits + Deliberate Practice will equal Mastery.

Top Takeaways:

  • The importance of observing, asking questions and practicing testing skills daily

Speaker Bio

Amy Jo Esser is an enthusiastic learning addict. She has enjoyed learning at conferences from the beginning of her career through today. Amy Jo believes the time is now to start giving back at conferences for all the lessons she has learned along her career journey. Her career began over 20+ years ago and she has moved through all the various manual testing, automated testing, technical and quality roles to her most recent role as Director of Quality for a large insurance company. Amy Jo loves growing as a leader and has a passion for serving her team so that they can serve their customers by providing them with the best information to do their jobs successfully. Amy Jo is looking for her next opportunity to serve a company.

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