TestFlix- Ali Khalid - The Test Tribe

Ali Khalid, Test Architect at Emirates & Founder of ‘Quality Spectrum’

Topic – A test strategy that actually works


While transforming teams quality practices across organizations, I’ve evolved how to test strategies are done to make them effective and leaner. In the talk I’ll discuss:

– Why traditional test strategies don’t work
– Some key areas to consider while building a test strategy
– How to build one which can help transform into a DevOps culture

Top Takeaways:

  • Mistakes to avoid building a test strategy.
  • A template to build a test strategy.

Speaker Bio

Ali is an international award-winning speaker and contributor to many tech communities. As a test architect, he is leading quality transformation projects across teams working on SaaS, mobile applications and Big data projects running analytics using AI & ML.

To transform a team’s quality practices, he helps them with assessing automation practices, develops testing and automation trainings, building test strategies & quality road maps, develop automation frameworks & DevOps enablers.
He is passionate about “Redefining Software Quality” (transforming quality practices and skills) helping teams increase product quality and reduce time to market. Learn more about him & his work at www.quality-spectrum.com.

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