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Ali Hill, Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECS

Topic – Testers! Aim to Enable


The aim of the Modern Testing Principles is to Accelerate the Achievement of Shippable Quality. For testers, this can mean a change to the way we work in order to help our team achieve this goal. Instead of focusing on carrying out skilled testing, we often need to approach this at a higher level.

I’m going to share my experiences in becoming an enabler for my team. I’ll talk through three approaches I take; visualising and improving flaws in our team’s process, identifying problems with code and design as early as possible and sharing my testing knowledge so we can build quality at source.

Top Takeaways:

  • How to work with your team to identify and improve flaws in your process
  • How to collaborate with others to identify problems early

Speaker Bio

Ali has been software testing for over 6 years and now works as a DevOps Consultant at ECS. As his career progresses, he has always become more interested in helping his teams improve their processes with the aim of providing value to their customers through the release of high quality software. He enjoys attending conferences and sharing ideas and learning from others’ experiences.

Outside of work, Ali enjoys watching football, reading and binge watching TV shows or films!

Ali is actively involved in the testing community and can be found on Twitter at @ali_hill91

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