Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder, Senior Consultant at Assurity Consulting

Topic – Technical and Non-Technical: A false dichotomy


We often talk about testers as being technical or non-technical. In this talk, I describe some of the problems of doing this, by exploring all the risk domains of software development, not just the technical domains. I shop examples and case studies of digital products that are technically wonderful, but still fail to either add value, or indeed cause harm to users. I offer what we could use the words Technical and Non-Technical for instead of for people, and how people can describe their value and skills.

Top Takeaways:

  • Understand technical and non technical risks
  • Gain an appreciation for some of the problems of describing people as technical or non-technical.

Speaker Bio

Aaron Hodder hails from Wellington, New Zealand where he works for Assurity Consulting Ltd to develop and deliver new and innovative testing practices to better suit the demands of modern day software development.

Aaron is a passionate software tester with a particular enthusiasm for visual test modelling and structured exploratory testing techniques. He regularly blogs and tweets about testing, and is a co-founder of Wellington Testing Workshops.

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