Soumya Mukherjee - TF 2023

TestFlix 2023 - Soumya Mukherjee

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Soumya Mukherjee

Engineering Manager - Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Atomic Talk Title: Ichhadhari Data: The ReVoLT Mnemonic

The usual view of a variable and a value is of very little use when a tester has to think in terms of test design and sampling. A tester typically deals with what I call a Wanderer – data that goes through transformations and wanders through a system and outside it. In the process, the variables can only be imagined, many don’t technically exist and are imaginary. Along with it, the 4 dimensions of data, namely Representation, Value, Length and Type are fluent. This talk is an introductory view of my mental model of this Wanderer.

Talk Takeaways

  • An unconventional look at variables and data
  • A Pluralistic way of data in the context of black and white box testing
  • Some pertinent questions about the established test design techinques

Speaker Bio


As an Engineering Manager at Apple, I lead the Rapid Application Development (RAD) team that designs and builds scalable platforms, solutions, and architectures for enterprise applications with AI capabilities. I have over 17 years of experience in core software development, delivering high-quality, robust, fast, and reliable products with seamless and secure user experience.

I am skilled in managing end-to-end engineering teams, large and complex programs, and high-performance engineering organizations. I have extensive knowledge and proficiency in various technologies and tools, such as Java, Python, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, Selenium, PySpark, and Machine Learning. I also have a strong background in DevOps, Automation, Performance Testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery, SOA/API Test Automation, and Model Based Testing. I am passionate about creating innovative and impactful solutions that empower and delight customers.

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