TestFlix 2023 - Huib Schoots

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Huib Schoots

Human, coach, consultant at Quality Accelerators

Atomic Talk Title: Essential Testing Skills – How to determine what to test?

 I love agile! And I love (agile) testing! But I am worried at the same time: there is a lot of noise on buzzwords which is not focused on the core of our profession. Rahul Verma talked about this at Agile Testing USA last year in his “the last keynote on testing”. There is much more value to uncover and learn even in the fundamental test design techniques. He called upon the experts in the room to share the applications of techniques with the community. Pete Walen and I immediately sat up straight during the keynote and got together after that talk because it resonated with us so much. With this talk I am joining the movement Rahul started: it is time for the revival of test design techniques! We need to help testers learn important skills to design better experiments and become experts is test design. Am I talking of test design techniques like boudery value analysis? Not really. Although important to be skilled in using these design techniques, there are many other important skills testers need to determine what to test and how to test it… In this talk I want to share my vision and many practical handles for everybody working in software development. How can teams set up their testing focussed to do testing more quickly, less expensively, with excellent results? To get there we need to see the what the fundamental basics of testing are: what mindset and what skills we are talking about? And how can you learn/train/practice them?

Talk Takeaways

  • Insight in essential skills for testers.
  • How to determine what to test?
  • Tips & tricks how to learn them.

Speaker Bio


Hi, I’m Huib Schoots, nice to meet you. My personal mission is improving software quality by shaping better people by connecting, innovating, facilitating, coaching, enabling, and teaching. I’m fascinated by mindset, thinking, behaviour and collaboration. I’m active in many communities. Some keywords about me: humanist, servant leader, open, direct, creative, idea generator, result driven, humor, problem solver, curious, confronting, critical thinker, passionate and energetic, lifelong learner, entrepreneurial, analytic, and continuous (world) improver. I like hanging out with friends, sing in a rock band, play trombone in a brass band, board & computer games, LEGO, photography, running, beer brewing, magic tricks, travelling and reading. I work as an expert, innovator, consultant, trainer & coach @ http://qualityaccelerators.nl, agile test expert @ http://deagiletesters.nl and organizer @ https://frogsconf.nl

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