Gomathi Ramalingam - TF 2023

TestFlix 2023 - Gomathi Ramalingam

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Gomathi Ramalingam

Head of Quality Assurance at SIMBA Chain

Atomic Talk Title: Unchaining the Future – Embracing the Power of Blockchain

What is the key difference between Web2 and Web 3? What are the key challenges of data privacy in these worlds? How can one trust the system when it operates on decentralised networks? How do some chains incur gas prices whilst others don’t? As a tester of blockchain applications, Gomathi Ramalingam faces many of these challenges as part of her day to day job which poses challenges and has brought the passion in her to learn, understand and educate about the blockchain world. With discussing the introduction to the Web3 world, deep dive of blockchain basics, overcoming challenges in blockchain testing and finally, we will touch upon
what’s latest news in the blockchain world.

Talk Takeaways

  • Fundamental Understanding of Blockchain.
  • Decoding Blockchain’s Functionality.
  • Testing strategies in Blockchain.
  • Staying Ahead in the Blockchain World.

Speaker Bio


Gomathi Ramalingam
Head of QA, Simba Chain
Gomathi Ramalingam is Head of Quality Assurance at Simba Chain, a leading Web 3 and
Blockchain service provider. In her current role, Gomathi is responsible for assuring end-to-end
quality including quality of code, APIs, Performance, and Security. She has successfully
managed to deliver this through the introduction of Automation Testing at scale. Prior to her
current role, she headed a team of multiple vendors and development teams to build a first-of-its
kind ecommerce portal partnering with one of the world’s largest precious stones company
which was later successfully launched for multiple Clients both in the UK as well as outside.
Across a two decade career, Gomathi has held Senior Testing and delivery roles across Web3,
Insurance, Wealth Management, E-Commerce, and PropertyTech domains. Gomathi has
managed to do this whilst working with Customers and Suppliers across multiple countries
including offshore counterparts, vendors and consultancies.

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