Debra Ruh - TF 2023

TestFlix 2023 - Debra Ruh

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Debra Ruh

CEO and Founder at Ruh Global IMPACT

Atomic Talk Title: Can Accessible Apps help change the World?

Speaker Bio


Worked as a consultant for UN ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN), Partner with ztudium, citiesABC, Expert Partner with The Valuable 500, Global Speaker for the US State Dept.
Expert technologist and communications inclusion expert. ICT should work for all humans. Legislative and Technical Experience: Expertise with Standards and Legislation including the United Nations Convention of Rights for Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), SDGs, ADA, Section 508 of Rehab Act, W3C, WCAG, and ISO (Accessibility). Served on W3C WCAG Cognitive Working Group as Invited Expert.

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