TestFlix 2023 - Akshay Maldhure

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker

Akshay Maldhure

Akshay Maldhure

Senior SDET at Gojek

Atomic Talk Title: Blending automated testing process with deployments in GitLab

In this talk, I’ll be explaining how to achieve a multi-pipeline (upstream and downstream) CI setup to combine the automated testing process with development and deployment in GitLab, why it’s important, various challenges involved and approaching those. The intention of achieving such a setup is to ensure an effective regression and feature testing strategy as opposed to running the tests in a separate/standalone pipeline in a system involving multiple services/applications.

Talk Takeaways

With such a setup, QAs/SDETs will help their engineering teams:

  • Run the tests on a per-change basis helping the teams pinpoint the test failures (if any).
  • The cloud resources to run the tests could be used in an optimal manner.

Speaker Bio


A seasoned Test Engineer with a proven track record in building result-oriented software testing and tooling systems backed by effective DevTestOps processes that highly improve developer efficiency and the overall software delivery process and time.
A fan of testing, tooling, and automation in general.

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