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TestFlix 2022 – Virtuoso

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Virtuoso is a functional UI and end-to-end SaaS testing tool. It uses Robotic Process Automation, AI/ML, and Natural Language Programming to deliver an unrivaled authoring experience, while reducing test maintenance to near zero. Tests are authored in plain English, like a manual test script. This scripted approach means there is the perfect amount of abstraction from code: speed and ease of use are guaranteed while retaining the power and flexibility of coded approaches.

Virtuoso’s bots dive into the DOM level of applications to build a comprehensive model of elements based on all available selectors, IDs, and attributes. A Machine Learning algorithm then identifies any unexpected changes to the element on each test run, meaning an end to flaky tests as they intelligently self-heal. Out-of-the-box visual regression, snapshot, and localization test capabilities, together with an API client, can then leverage Virtuoso’s core functional UI testing to offer the most comprehensive and user-centric end-to-end testing.

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