TestFlix 2022 Silver Sponsor -Virtualan

TestFlix 2022 – Virtualan

Silver Sponsor



Virtualan Software provides IT Consulting & Services. Our software consulting provides strategic business and innovative consulting, design thinking, and digital capabilities to provide realistic business value to our customers through a human-centric approach. Virtualan Software is a Product Development, IT Service and consulting company. As a product development company, developed Open source Low code Test automation software for testing enterprise softwares. As an IT Service and consulting company, provides a variety of services, including Cloud Transformation, Digital Transformation, Technology Consulting, QA Engineer, Cloud Security, Support Consulting, estimating, development of an IT corporate strategy, implementation of IT systems, system management, and more. It’s a very important part of the IT industry. 

Virtualan Software creates products using ‘Low Code Technology’, which is a Low code enterprise test automation product, There are many other products created by Virtualan software for different use cases and challenges. For Example: Low Code Kafka Testing, Low Code User Interface Automation Testing, Low code Database Testing, Low code Mobile Testing and Service Virtualization. The products are ready to be adopted for Cloud.  

Virtualan Software is established out of a vision to be the company with the most focus and expertise in “Enable our customers, partners, and stakeholders to be more successful and build products that perpetuate social good” 


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