TestFlix 2022 - Sandra John

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Sandra John

Performance Engineering Lead

Atomic Talk Title: Pillars of Performance Testing – PSAR

Pillars of Performance Testing – PSAR

Performance Testing is a crucial part of every software application that we work on. We somehow, fail to realize the importance of Performance Testing & Analysis when we are testing our applications on a regular basis. So let’s understand what would happen if we fail to analyze Performance in an application.

1. The biggest impact, Customer Satisfaction. In fact, in a most recent study done it showed that a user will wait maximum of 2 seconds for a page to load. Can you believe it, 2 seconds?
2. Reputation. The slower your site or application is, the worse it impacts your reputation.
3. Reliability. If your reputation is impacted, your reliability gets directly questioned.

I think these 3 points are enough at the moment to explain how a badly performing site or application is eventually heading towards doom.

However, there is a very simple way to avoid the road to doom. All you need to do is to rate your application against the 4 pillars of Performance Testing – PSAR.

P – Performance
S – Scalability
A – Availability
R – Reliability

By measuring your application’s Performance you can analyze speed, by measuring Scalability you can ensure no downtime no matter what the load is, by making sure of 100% Availability you can ensure loyal customers returning and by being Reliable 100% of times you can ensure your reputation never takes a hit.

So, let’s have a talk about how we can move towards achieving this.

Talk Takeaways

  •  Understanding downfalls of avoiding Performance Testing
  •  Discussion about the 4 Pillars of Performance
  •  Practical examples about how to go about Performance Testing (not tools)
  •  Use cases & examples

Speaker Bio



I am Sandra John, currently working as a Performance Engineering Lead with ZS Associates. To give a background about my body of work, so let me start by telling you that I hold a vast experience is delivering quality.

Quality & Testing has always been something that I am drawn towards. Be it manual testing, automation testing or Performance Testing. Testing goes beyond that just finding bugs for me, its about understanding what does the user want and expects. And every person wants quality. Every penny spent, is expected to yield quality by everyone and that is what I try and deliver.

Understanding quality & testing gives me an insight into where the world is headed towards, and what part can I do to make it more qualitative & ethical.

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