TestFlix 2022 - Rikard Edgren - The Test Tribe

TestFlix 2022 - Rikard Edgren

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Rikard Edgren

Testexpert at Nordic Medtest

Atomic Talk Title: The Software Potato

I want to share my model about software and coverage. It looks like a potato, and tries to describe the limitation of requirements, the impossibility of complete testing, and the benefits of serendipity.
It points to the foundation of any good testing effort: to understand what is important.


Speaker Bio

Rikard Edgren describes himself as a humanistic and technical tester since 1998, specialized in generalities like test strategy and exploratory testing. Rikard is a member of the think-tank The Test Eye, co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, author of The Little Black Book on Test Design and Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi.
Rikard currently works as Test expert at Nordic Medtest, Karlstad, Sweden, working with Swedish healthcare infrastructure.

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