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TestFlix 2022 - Ravikant Jain

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Ravikant Jain

Chapter Lead - QA

Atomic Talk Title: How ‘Product Analytics’ helpful in defining ‘Test Strategy’

How ‘Product Analytics’ helpful in defining ‘Test Strategy’

Most of the IT companies, Enterprises , Product companies use a good set of tools/ solutions for ‘Platform Analytics’ such as Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Quantum Metric, Log rocket etc. Product managers use these tools to understand feature adoption , customer usage patterns and geographical diversities to define product road maps.

In Quality Engineering, we also use these tools sometimes to see what mobile devices/ OS are primarily used in our customer case to include these devices in our testing.

I remember in one of the Organisational where I worked in the past, most of the testing was done on Mac machines as our primary customer base was in the USA and though Mac machines are primarily used in the USA. Though when we saw customer OS using product analytics, Windows machines were used over 60% of the time. That was an eye opener for all.

You may ask how this Product analytics can be used for a new feature line or for a startup which is yet to launch its beta. Product analytics can be helpful in the later stages of testing.

Browser compatibility Test strategy, Device/OS Coverage Test Strategy and the Test strategy to define your sanity and regression test plan , Input for your Automation Test strategy can take help from ‘Product Analytics’

Talk Takeaways

  • Introduction to ‘Product Analytics’
  • How to look for correct data in ‘Product Analytics’
  • How to Define Test strategy from this Analytics Data
  • How to kill Myth and work with Facts

Speaker Bio

I have nearly 15 Years experience in Quality Engineering. Worked with Multiple domain E-commerce, M-commerce, B2B/ B2C Products, IOT devices, Embedded Systems and now working in SAAS. Lead multiple teams, Start ups QE/QA functions, Hired many freshers and Helped in crafting their Testing career. I love to talk about Testing and approaches for Practical solutions.

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