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TestFlix 2022 - Gaurav Singh

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Gaurav Singh

Software Engineer at Meta

Atomic Talk Title: Kotlin for Test Automation in 10ish mins

Kotlin is the official language for Android development and is rapidly becoming a popular choice in many other Software engineering spaces like Backend, and Data Science. Languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby are traditional popular choices for Automated testing but what about Kotlin?

As an SDET, you may have questions like?

  •  Could it be used for Test Automation as well?
  • Why should I write Kotlin code when I already know Java?
  • Will it interop with my Java code?
  • Is it really as concise and fun to write as people talk about
  • What’s all the buzz or hype about?


In this talk, We’ll unpack the syntax a bit and remove your initial barriers while refactoring some traditional Java code. Most of these examples are from a talk given at Google IO by none other than the lead kotlin language designer Andrey Breslav 🙌

In this talk, we’ll understand Kotlin syntax and some of its key features for test automation:

  •  Data classes
  •  Concise functions
  • Extension functions
  • Inner functions
  • Mutable/Immutable types
  • Maps
  • Nullability
  • Functional style
  •  Lifting assignments out of if else and when clause

I would be sharing the slides as well as the code samples used in a Github repo for future references.

Prerequisites for Attendees:

  • Java (basics)
  •  IntelliJ


Talk Takeaways

  • Understand key kotlin language features and syntax
  •  Get a taste of how it could look like in their Automation code

Speaker Bio

Gaurav Singh is a Software Engineer with a deep passion for building Automated testing frameworks, tooling, and infrastructure to improve engineering productivity and release high-quality software with confidence. He has practical hands-on experience building automated testing solutions for Web, Mobile, and Backend systems using different languages throughout his 10+ years of career working in companies of different sizes in varied domains and contexts.
He has also mentored/managed small and large teams. He enjoys writing his blog at automationhacks.io and maintains a newsletter at
newsletter.automationhacks.io covering topics on Software engineering, testing, and human factors. He has spoken at tech conferences like Appium Conf, Selenium Conf, and Automation Guild and likes to share his knowledge with the community and learn from others. He has also built a few open-source courses for Test automation university. You can connect with him over channels like his Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Stack overflow

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