TestFlix 2022 - Amy Jo Esser

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Amy Jo Esser

Leadership and Voice Coach , Former Director of Quality

Atomic Talk Title: Are you using your Leadership Voice?

I will be talking about the importance of developing and using a leadership voice for better oral communications, influence and impact. For all current jobs you will find in the top 5 required skillsets – leadership skills, good oral communication skills and collaboration skills. I will share the quickest ways to improve these 3 skillsets with 3 tactics that can be implemented by practicing on a regular basis.

Talk Takeaways

  • The quickest way to develop a leadership voice – you must speak with confidence (even if you don’t feel it you can portray it).
  • More Ascending Melody in your voice.
  • More Volume in your voice.
  • Eliminating Fillers.
  • Guidance on how to implement these three items to have a strong leadership voice

Speaker Bio

Amy Jo Esser believes the time is now to start giving back at conferences for all the lessons she has learned along her career journey. Her career began over 30 years ago as a programmer and has moved through various IT roles ending as a Director of Quality. Currently, Amy Jo is a certified Roger Love Method Voice Coach and leadership coach. For the past two years, she has studied under Roger Love who is the number 1 voice coach in the world. She works for Roger Love’s company too. She is excited to share some of the voice secrets she has learned to help everyone become the best leaders they can be.

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