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TestFlix 2021 - Shruthy Ramesh

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Shruthy Ramesh

R&D Software Engineer at Nokia Solutions and Networks

Atomic Talk Title: Share of Experience : Test Automation

The talk is on sharing of experience in test automation as a fresher. It includes the use of Robot Framework for test automation, the mistakes made while writing test case/ while testing the systems under test and the learnings obtained from the mistakes.


  1. The test cases written by us must not affect other test cases.
  2. One must not try to automate everything.
  3. Use of keywords can be efficient.
  4. It is OK for executions to fail. Provides an opportunity to test from different perspectives.
  5. Review of code is very essential.


Speaker Bio

Shruthy Ramesh from Chennai. Currently working in Nokia Solutions and Networks as R&D software engineer. Have an experience of 6 months in test automation. Started the career as a test automation engineer and has created strong interest in test automation.

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