TestAway 3 | Goa | Invite Only Residence Learning Program for Testers

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TestAway by The Test Tribe Residence Learning Program for Testers
1-4 DEC | GOA

First-of-a-kind Residence Learning Program for Testers

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TestAway 3 is here and it is back in Goa!

An Exclusive Invite Only Residence Learning Program for Passionate Testers


3 x Workshops

Expert crafted and highly relevant topics aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of Testing you perform.

1x Testers Roundtable

Curated Topics. Fifteen Passionate Testers. Deep Discussions. A plethora of Learning. Sounds amazing?

Open Space Session

A Testing Discussion like never before. Let's experience the beauty of Open Space Technology while we create value.

Gamifying Testing

Team game complimenting the venue setting to produce vital testing lessons. Fun and learning guaranteed.

War Of Cards

Showcase your testing knowledge to make your team victorious. An activity which will test your testing skills and teamwork both.

1-1 Mentoring Sessions

Get an opportunity to get guidance or mentoring from other experts at TestAway through dedicated Mentoring/Chat Session.

Diary for software testers
UnlearnTo Learn

Unlearning is the process to learn something similar and equally (probably more) amazing. Learn it with (and from) other experts.

Bonfire Chat

Everyone has a story to tell, and there's something to learn from every story. Legend says Bonfire discussions bring best stories 😉


TestAway allows you to loosen up, leave your daily schedule behind. Allows to take a step back, but only to leap forward later.

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Ditch Comfort Zone

You know there is one thing which has killed more dreams than anything else? Do we need to say it? Ditch it. Walk out.

people, software testing community
Meet Your Vibe Tribe

Nothing probably helps you grow more than meeting and learning from like-minded and equally passionate humans.

Milestone Awaits

TestAway became a milestone in the career of most who attended it. An experience full of Inspiration and Learning awaits you.

About TestAway

TestAway is a Flagship Residence Learning Program, first-of-a-kind in Testing space, where 15 passionate curated Testers from across the India will live, learn and grow together through our expert designed Learning Experience.

Each TestAway happens at a new City, in a different but fresh and creative vibe.

TestAway is designed to co-discover the beauty of testing encompassing an exclusive and enriching experience. 

Conceptualised specifically keeping passionate Testers in mind, because, we strongly believe that we need more and more torch bearers and change agents in Testing space to create a better future for Software Testers and Software Testing. And of course, being a vibrant, creative and new age Testing Community, we want to make sure the experiences we create are fun, enjoyable, and life-changing.

You can also read a bit about past TestAway editions of Goa and Shimla.

This Year's TestAway Squad

Sayali Kulkarni

Sayali Kulkarni

Sr. Tech Specialist at iLink


Geosley Andrades The Test Tribe


Director - Product Evangelist at ACCELQ


Raghu Murugesan

Raghu Murugesan

Lead Software Engineer - Test at Freshworks


Ashwin Kumar Chordiya

Ashwin Chordiya

Associate Test Manager - HCL Technologies


Jayshree Rathod

Jayshree Rathod

Freelance Consultant | Oracle Apex Developer


Saikumar Badam


BA and QA at K2I Software


Suraj Suri

Suraj Suri

Senior Product Engineer at ProMobi Technologies


Sandeep Garg


Principal QA Architect at



Mahathee Dandibhotla

Project Lead Quality at Persistent Systems




If you Request your Invite in time!



QA Architect at


man 1


If you Request your Invite in time!


Balaji Santhanagopalan

Test Engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software


TestAway Hosts

Vanshikha Sharma The Test Tribe

Vanshikha Sharma

Community & Events Lead | TTT

Bookworm. Loves Content, Communities, and Ideas. Calm Head discovering the long-term calling.

Mahesh Chikane Founder CEO The Test Tribe

Mahesh Chikane

Founder CEO | The Test Tribe

Passionate & Proud Tester turned  Community Builder turned Entrepreneur. Foodie. Unorthodox.

AJAY BALAMURUGADAS - Software testing community speaker

Ajay Balamurugadas

Senior Director QE at GSPANN

Passionate Tester, Leader, Speaker, and Author. Documents his thoughts through handle ‘ajay184f’

Ashutosh Garg

Ashutosh Garg

Head Of Growth | The Test Tribe

Passionate & Proud Tester turned Marketer. Data wizard. Avid Reader. Family Man.

Magic Days

Day 1


Intro, Gamifying Testing, Testers Roundtable, Sessions

Day 2


Workshop, War of Cards, Sessions & Open Space Session

Day 3


Workshop, Sessions, Fireside Chat, and Fresh Air

Day 4


Surprise Element & Wrap

Those who experienced
the magic!

TestAway is an unique experience that combines learning and fun in a safe environment. We are social beings and TestAway experience ensures that you get to know each other professionally and personally. Ideas get discussed, plans get executed, friendships are formed and there is definitely some magic in the format. I had the opportunity to be involved in both Goa and Shimla experiences and it has left a lasting impression on me. The best ROI in terms of any event. Experience it to transform your life!


Ajay Balamurugadas

Senior Director - QE, GSPANN Technologies, Inc

TestAway is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn the testing craft at its core. A perfect way to rediscover yourself in a soothing destination away from home and transform your career graph towards triumph. Build your dreams, set new goals, and find your purpose in life like it did to me.


Geosley Andrades

Director - Product Evangelist, ACCELQ®
  1. I feel grateful that I was part of the first-ever TestAway. TestAway is a great concept to explore, learn new things and meet new testers. TestAway has changed the way I think, and it has helped me to grow to the next level. And I am proud to say that if our professional life has changed, it’s all because of The Test Tribe and TestAway. The Test Tribe always Rocks, and I thank them for doing such a great job.
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Savita Patil

Salesforce Test Automation Analyst - Catch.com.au

Woah! Indeed three magical days in the life of every Tester who attended TestAway Goa. An ocean of knowledge and experiences shared which is definitely going to help me to the next level. A very unique concept by The Test Tribe. Hundreds of takeaways, memories, and actions items. TestAway rocked!!


Disha Reddy

Principal QA Engineer - Veeva Systems

TestAway has inspired my journey in many ways and quite a few people to look up to. The amount of learning experience I am taking from here is immense and will cherish this experience forever.


Priyabrata Das

DiT - Jumio India

TestAway was one of a kind event for the Testing Community. It was an excellent learning platform. Ajay’s and Sandeep’s workshops were excellent and opened new perspectives for me. I look forward to more such events.

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Sharath K

Lead Software Quality Assurance - Asteria Aerospace

TestAway was an awesome experience. From TestAway I figured out that there are only three main goals for Life. Keep Learning, Keep Enjoying, and heep yourself Happy!!

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Manjunath Batti

QA Lead - CRMIT Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

I was not sure what to expect from this event. Only wanted to build my confidence and learn. However, this event gave me so much more. Outstanding workshops, discussions, debates, etc and the list goes on. Met such amazing mentors and peers here. I loved each moment of the three days spent there

Trina Acharya

Trina Acharya

QA Lead - BYJU's

Initially I was skeptical about participating in TestAway Shimla, however, once I arrived at the venue, my view started changing. Session by session, day by day, I felt the worth. You learn so much, you share your experience, it makes you rich as a Software Tester.

Ulhas Deshmukh

Ulhas Deshmukh

Sr. QA Engineer - Delta

Amazing time spent at TestAway Shimla. Fab journey and the amount of knowledge shared is invaluable. I was thoroughly inspired by talking to each individual. Lots of ideas taken away from this Learning experience. Looking forward to implement them and also contribute to the community.

Ganesh Padmanaban

Ganesh Padmanabhan

Performance Engineer - ALTERSIS
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