Not a mere residential program. This is a life changing experience. 

Our TestAway

15 Testers from all over India. 3 days. Under on roof. Bagful of learnings.

About TestAway

One of our flagship events, TestAway is not just another event. A 3-day residential program, TestAway has the potential to change the lives of testers who have attended it. It has changed a few and it will continue to do so.

Not everyone gets the chance to be at a TestAway. A stringent screening procedure ensures that the best (and yet diverse) of the lot reach the destination who have a zeal to learn and most importantly a zeal to contribute. 

TestAway is not just a event for us. It is a representation of our passion for testing. The first and the probably the only one of its kind in India, TestAways are going to be a norm soon.


Past Events

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