"Strategize the Smoothest Path to Your New Career" | TTTribecast Webinar - The Test Tribe

“Strategize the Smoothest Path to Your New Career” | TTTribecast Webinar

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What is the webinar about?

Do you work in IT & feel stuck in your current role?

It’s never late to think of moving into a new role that aligns with your experience & expectations. Whether you’ve been in Engineering, Design, QA, Customer support or Operations, you don’t even have to start from scratch to explore your aspired role in product, business or technology.

With a clear career strategy, you can leverage your current skills and experience to successfully relaunch yourself in a new role. Join this webinar to learn how to find the shortest path to succeeding in a career transition.

Key Takeaways:
  • Insights to Explore alternate career options
  • Leveraging your your existing skills & experience to the fullest
  • Approach to Calculating and minimizing the transition risk
  • Defining a strategy to succeed in the new role & minimizing

About the Speaker

Webinar on - New Carrer in software testing

Prasad Gupte

Product Leader & Mentor • Player-Coach Leadership for PM, Design, Data & Marketing

Prasad is a Product Leader & Coach with 14+ years experience building lovable products and leading teams to it. Starting as a mechanical engineer, his career involved several pivots through software engineer, business analyst, product manager and product leadership roles across manufacturing, supply chain, e-commerce, retail & loyalty, Ed-tech and IoT. In addition to hands-on B2B & B2C product management, he has helped several PMs, designers and marketers to advance their careers, including lateral career moves from QA & marketing into Product. He has worked in Mumbai, Dubai & Berlin and his cultural curiosity has taken him to 40 countries. His passion to learn and guide led to being a certified coach and highly-rated mentor with hundreds of sessions with mentees around the world.

Drawing on this rich global experience, he designed this course to launch product aspirants by leveraging their individual strengths and equipping them with the missing toolkit. Through a mix of learning material, group discussions and individual coaching, aspirants achieve weekly milestones towards a concrete career transition plan by the end of the course.



Prasad is very easy to talk to and he is always able to grasp the problem, even if sometimes I am unable to properly describe it. This is invaluable in my opinion. Furthermore, he is always able to provide a clear way framework with easy to follow frameworks which help tremendously navigating the situation. Not only he was able to support with growth in my previous company but also helped with landing a new job. Definitely, would recommend to everyone to talk with Prasad, even if not on a Product management topic.

Georgi Valev

Product Manager at Financial Times

The solutions which he gave were more practical as compared to mentors from Silicon Valley Product Group. He is an asset for the product community as it’s rare to find people in senior product role, helping the community with a single motive of ‘giving it back to society’.

Ashwani Agarwal

Program Manager at Vedantu

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