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Offline and online tester’s meetups to collaborate, learn and grow with passionate testers.

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Local and Virtual Meetups to faciliate learning from passionate testers

About Tester's Meetups

The software testers meetup is an event where software testers can network and learn from each other. Attendees can listen to talks from industry professionals, as well as get the opportunity to network with other attendees.

This meetup is a great opportunity for software testers to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and learn from their peers. Meetups are a key part of our community activities, and we aim to hold them on a regular basis.

So if you’re a software tester, or interested in software testing, make sure to check out our next meetup!

As software testers, we know how important it is to have regular communication and collaboration with others in our field. That’s why we hold meetups on a regular basis!

At our meetups, we discuss everything from the latest testing tools and techniques to the challenges we’re facing in our work. We also share tips and advice with each other, and get to know other testers in our community.

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