Load Testing using JMeter Workshop

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What will you learn in this Apache JMeter(™) Training?

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Hear from our Past Attendees!

Hear from our Past Attendees!

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What will you get from this Apache JMeter(™) Online Training?

Hear from our Past Attendees!

The workshop is interactive, informative and engaging. Not only did it broaden my horizons and increase my understanding of different topics about performance testing, but the workshop was also really well organized. TTT breaks down the process and makes it simple enough for anyone to understand. The instructor Sandeep Garg was excellent with his knowledge, sense of humour, and approachability.

Tooba Fatima

The workshop was good. I would continue to explore the different sections of jmeter and be able to use it in live projects

Nagashree D

Sandeep has covered the topics to get started as a beginner in Jmeter load testing. Breakout rooms are helpful to interact and try out.

Srinivas Kadiyala

It was a nice session which gave freedom for attendees to question and practice the things along with the session. The instructor was calm for every question asked and was even potential to reply.


Thank you for the wonderful talk in the 7th Virtual Meetup. I hope you can share more of your knowledge in the future, and I am looking forward to your videos, if I remember correctly, that you mentioned in the meetup 🙂

Michelle Ramirez

Delivers a clear message when delivering a presentation and provides examples relevant to the topic being discussed.

Abigail Mirasol

I am 100% satisfied with the webinar. The strongest aspect was how detailed and precise you were at presenting and structuring each topic and the webinar in general.

Harini Ramachandran

Load Testing Workshop Outline

Part 1 – Introduction (30 Minutes)

  • Recap to Load | Performance Testing 
  • Introduction to Apache JMeter(™) and Plugin Manager
  • Prerequisites and Installation

Part 2 – Deep Dive Hands-on Apache JMeter(™) Test Plan Elements (120 Minutes)

  • Thread Groups
  • Config Elements
  • Timers
  • Samplers
  • Logic Controllers
  • Assertions
  • Listeners
  • Pre and Post-processor
    • Regular expressions

** Binding all together with a real world example

Break (10 Minutes)

Part 3 – Load Test Designing & Planning (120 Minutes)

  • Building a Web Test Plan
  • Building a Database Test Plan
  • Building a Web API Test Plan
  • Scripting
    • Script transformation from Postman
  • JMeter Functions and Properties (Only essential ones)

** Binding all together with a real-world example

Lunch Break (10 Minutes)

Quick Recap (10 Minutes)

Part 4 –  Load Test Execution (60 Minutes)

  • Configure the Environment
  • Command Line Execution
  • Running JMeter scripts on Cloud
    • Using tools like flood.io and others
  • Distributed Testing

Break (10 Minutes)

Part 5 – Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting (90 Minutes)

  • Resource Monitoring 
  • Load Test Results Analysis
  • Test Summary Report and Bug Logging
  • Q&A