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Unlock UI Automation and API Testing with Cypress

What you will learn​

  • How to create a project in Cypress and write your first script.
  • Automating UI testing efficiently with Cypress.
  • Expertise in handling complex UI elements such as iframes, shadow DOM, alerts, tabs, checkboxes, radio buttons, lists, and dropdowns.
  • The fundamentals of API testing with Cypress, including CRUD operations, JSON schema validation, intercepting, and best practices for effective API testing

Kailash Pathak

Kailash Pathak

Cypress.io Ambasador, Senior Quality Manager, 3Pillar Global


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Why should you learn Cypress?​

  • Enables faster test creation and execution, enhancing testing efficiency and productivity.

  • Built-in debugging tools simplify issue identification and resolution, ensuring more reliable and accurate tests.

  • User-friendly interface and simplified syntax make test automation accessible to developers and testers alike.

  • Provides a competitive edge and broadens job opportunities in quality assurance and software testing.


You should attend
this workshop if

  • Freshers who don’t have prior experience in Cypress.

  • Boost your career with Cypress: Potential salaries ranging ₹3L to ₹8L annually.

  • Cypress demand surges in India: Job postings up 20% YoY.

  • Professional seeking to enhance your testing skills and delve into modern automation techniques.

  • Optimise team testing and keep pace with trends as a Testing Lead/Manager.

  • Learn from an industry expert with community support.

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Join us for a workshop scheduled at a time convenient for both US and EU participants!

Cypress Workshop Outline


Introduction to Cypress

  • What is Cypress

  • Key features and benefits of Cypress

  • How Cypress different from Selenium

  • Cypress Architecture

  • Creating a new Cypress project.

  • Writing Your First Cypress Test
  • Running and debugging tests
  • Understanding test results and logs
  • Cypress fixtures and custom commands

Cypress BDD and Handling UI Elements

  • Understanding Feature File,Scenario and Step Definitions
  • Setting up Cucumber BDD Framework
  • Creating Multiple Scenarios with example
  • Handling iframe
  • Handling Shadow DOM
  • Handling Alert and Tab
  • Handling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • Handling Lists and Dropdowns

Introduction to API testing with Cypress

  • High-level Overview of Postman

  • About API testing using Cypress

  • What is cy.request() and cy.intercept()

  • CRUD operation Via Postman
  • CRUD operation Via Cypress
  • How To Validate
  • JSON Schema
  • Intercepting network requests
  • Mocking network requests

Cypress CI/CD Integration

  • Create GitHub Actions workflow to run Cypress tests
  • Running Cypress Tests in GitHub Actions workflow
  • Running Cypress Tests in Parallel with GitHub Actions and Cypress Cloud.