Hiring Wednesdays - Powered by build.qareer - The Test Tribe

Hiring Wednesdays – Powered by build.qareer

Powered by build.qareer – The Test Tribe’s Own Software Testing Job Portal

Have you ever got tired of sending your profiles and cover letter to recruiters as a job seeker? Have you had enough of clicking on the apply button of various job portals? Did you ever wish there was an open forum with recruiters in it, and you could just pitch yourself so that the screening part is taken care of? If yes, hold on. We might have something interesting for you.

I wish there was a room full of testers, and I could just shout out my open testing positions for testers to grab. Instead, I want to take a break from this sea of resumes and do a pitch for my available posts in a forum that has testers in it. If these thoughts have crossed your mind as a recruiter, you too, hold on. We might have something interesting for you as well. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Presenting to you Hiring Wednesdays, Powered by build.qareer – The Test Tribe’s Own Software Testing Job Portal

Excited? This is how it works.

  1. Every Wednesday at 8 PM, we will have an open pitching event for Hiring Managers/HRs and Job Seekers.
  2. Job Seekers can pitch themselves. Since Hiring Managers, HRs are there, you might find a match. Also, since fellow testers might know of suitable openings you don’t know, they might just refer you. (Power of communities, you see!)
  3. HR Managers/Recruiters/Hiring Managers can pitch their open job positions. And since there are Testers who are looking for a job, you might also find a match. And since there are other testers also, they might end up referring you to some rockstar testers whose resume you did not skim yet (That’s the power of The Test Tribe)
  4. Each pitcher (Job Seeker or recruiter) gets about 30 seconds – 1 minute. (Crisp, to the point and done)

Okay. Sounds interesting. This is something new. Is there anyone who has really benefitted from this? (Oh yes, please check some feedback below)


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Cool. I would like to join and give it a try. How do I go about it?

Fill out this form, and we will send you invites for the upcoming sessions of Hiring Wednesdays. 

Some small but essential rules.

  1. This Hiring Event is only for Software Testers and not for other professions. We are a testing community and will like to remain one. There is a lot to do here only, phew!
  2. This event is strictly for hiring purposes. No selling of any other product or service.
  3. Since this is by the community, for the community, respect each other’s opinion.
  4. TTT is just a facilitator and does not guarantee any job or employment through this and nor is it liable for anything later (post-employment)


Looking forward to listening to your pitches!!