Uplift your competitive spirit by solving some interesting challenges in a given time frame. 

Our Hackathons

Problem solving. Time frame. Competitive Spirit. Time Bound.

About Hackathons

Hackathons are competitive events organized by is in collaboration with companies or by ourselves individually. They could be normal testing hackathons where bug-finding is the prime motive or automation hackathons where solving challenging problems is the key.

Organized largely in teams of 1-4 with problems to be solved or products to be tested in a given time frame, Hackathons test the ability to solve problems as a team within a stipulated time. The best ones are to be rewarded.

Hackathons also come with social and other fun contests, which help to up the camaraderie of the entire testing fraternity. 

Hackathons are a perfect example of Testers celebrating each others’ success. 


Past Events

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