Fireside Chat with Sunit Bose

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Date: 05th June 2024

Time: 09:00 PM – 10:00 PM (IST)

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Session Title: How to grow your career as a QA Manager/Leader

Nishant is excited to invite you to a special “Ask Me Anything” session on the topic of “Game Testing”. Join us for an interactive discussion where we’ll explore what value Tester can add in Gaming company, and how game testing is different from normal software testing. Whether you’re a developer, project manager, or a curious mind interested in quality assurance, this session is an opportunity to understand what opportunity are there for any tester in any gaming company and future path. Bring your questions, share your experiences, and let’s collectively uncover insights that can aid us in understanding the challenges in game testing. Looking forward to engaging with you all!

Feeling stuck in your QA career, yearning to unlock your full potential and lead the way? Join us for an exclusive Ask Me Anything session with Sunit Bose, Director of Engineering at BharatPe.

This interactive session is your chance to delve into the secrets of thriving as a QA Manager or Leader. Sunit will be your guide, sharing his expertise on the essential skills that differentiate exceptional leaders in the field. You’ll learn how to excel in areas like team management, communication, and strategic test planning, ensuring your team delivers top-notch results.

However, leadership goes beyond technical expertise. Sunit will also equip you with proven techniques for fostering a high-performing, motivated QA team. Discover how to empower your team members, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and navigate the ever-changing world of QA.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your burning questions and get the inside scoop on becoming a rockstar QA leader!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover key skills that set exceptional QA Managers and Leaders apart.
  • Master team management, communication, and strategic test planning.
  • Discover methods to build a top-performing and motivated QA team.
  • Learn to manage stakeholder relationships and align QA goals with organizational objectives.

Why one should attend Fireside Chat?

About Speaker

Sunit Bose
Sunit Bose

Director Of Engineering at BharatPe

Avid mobile enthusiast, learner by passion, achiever by actions. With a vast experience of 14 years, have helped in testing and developing a variety of mobile apps from various domains.

A bit edgy on times but otherwise a generous, humble team mate on most occasions. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for software project team members involved in testing, programming, business analysis, software construction, and deployment.

Yes, if he/she wants to validate their current automation approach and pick up ways to extend their practice – especially using tools to support test design.

Yes. There will be hands-on activities involved. 

None – but this would be more relevant to someone with testing or development experience.

Yes, All topics will be covered with hands-on exercises.

You can get your doubt solved with the instructor in the session, or can get in touch on a 1-1 communication channel.

We highly encourage attending all the sessions live. However, if you miss a particular session, we will share the session recording so you can cover those topics before the next session. Please note that this will be approved on a case to case basis.

Yes, our instructor is friendly and loves to help Testers. You can freely contact for any guidance and there will be monthly common sync-up as well.

Yes, you will receive notes/cheat-sheet. All examples including source code are provided.

You will get one participation certificate and a completion certificate (on completing the final project).

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