Fireside chat with Rahul Verma

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Date: 22nd November 2023 

Time: 09:30 PM to 10:30 PM IST

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Testing in 2025: A look into the future of Testing & Testers

Things are changing. Whether we notice the changes or not, they are happening. From the changing Job Descriptions, changing responsibilities, or inclusion and advancement of AI- things are changing.

In this Fireside Chat with Rahul Verma, we will dwelve into the future of Testing and Testers while Rahul answers several questions from the host and attendees across topics.

What to expect? What has changed for Testers and Testing already? What is changing pretty soon? What changes should we bring to our professional lives? What do we need to embrace? What do we need to get rid of?How do we safe guard and stay on top of things, even in the future?

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