Fireside Chat with Lanette Creamer

In this event, fireside chat, the host of the event will do a tete-a-tete with the guest on a specific theme. In this case, the host of the event will do a casual chat with Lanette Creamer on the topic, Automation, Agile Teams and more. In the later half of the event, we will take audience questions which will be answered by the guest.

When is it happening?

Date: April 9, 2022, Saturday
Time:  11:00 AM IST

What is the session about?

Theme: Automation, Agile teams and more

We will navigate and learn from Lanette’s rich and diverse experience and talk about topics related to Automation, Agile teams and a lot of other topics related to testing. 

It is a great opportunity to hear from Lanette about things that are trending and things that matter at the same time. So, don’t forget to join us for this amazing fire side chat with her.

What kind of topics will be discussed?

1. How do you see the No Code/Low Code side of Automation Tools? Will they increase their user base rapidly in the coming time?


2. Selenium dominated Web Automation for a long and continues to do so. However, in recent times, Cypress and Playwright are gaining popularity.  Do they have it in them to be a better alternative to Selenium?


3. How important is a selection of programming language for Automation projects? How can one go about selecting the correct one for their context?


4. How can Agile teams better cater to a problem of delayed builds to Testing Teams in the sprints?


5. How do you decide which projects to automate? Is there a typical framework that you use?


6. With the fast pace of Agile delivery do you think automation can keep pace?  Do you think in-sprint automation is a myth or can this be actually achieved?


7. Can a tester transition into a Scrum Master role. Could you guide on the same w.r.t initial steps/possible ways?


8. What is the difference between Program Manager, Product Manager, and Project Manager roles?


10. What’s the best way to mock the downstream API layer for UI automation cases? Is it even worth the effort since it needs constant maintenance as per downstream API behaviour changes?


And more..

About Speaker

Lanette is a Technical Program Manager at MediaAlpha (MediaAlpha is a live auction insurance advertising platform)  and coder with extensive testing experience. Her strategy is to use proven and practical methodologies that help teams implement a data-driven whole team approach to delivering quality software consistently. 

She is passionate about improving the end-user experience while also simplifying the software development process by making sure requirements are clear, concise, and prioritized by their importance to client needs and business goals.

She can be reached out on LinkedIn and Twitter here. 

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