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Suman Bala FailQonf, Software Testing Conference on Failure Stories around Software Testing and Quality, Speaker The Test Tribe

Suman Bala

QA Lead at Sky

Talk Title

Failure = Opportunity for an Improvement 


We all fail at some point but, the more important part is how to tackle that failure. I see failure as an opportunity for improvement. It is ok to fail but what matters is how you bounce back! You can learn just as much from your mistakes as your successes. Throughout, my career I have seen loads of failures; gaps in automation framework, failure due to lack of resources, or even scrapping the project which the team worked on for 18 months! I always try my best not to repeat the same mistake, instead learn from it and open, so others don’t go through the same. We succeeded and failed as a team. In this talk, I’ll share how one failure opened our eyes to look deeper into the infrastructure, and we worked as a team to improve our estate. 

Speaker Bio

Suman Bala is an award-winning QA advocate with a passion for improvement in quality processes and is a strong believer in Test Automation. She feels proud of how people’s perspective has changed regarding testing throughout her career. She is striving to instill the idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility as opposed to merely laying it at the feet of QA. She is a co-organizer for the Ministry of Testing Leeds meet-up. She is a mentor and coach at work and within the wider testing community. She is co-designing and delivering the “Software Testing Bootcamp” sponsored by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.



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