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Nancy kelln

Test Leader & Entrepreneur

Talk Title

You can’t Fix them All!


I’m a fixer. If something is broken or ineffective, I dig in to figure out why and solve the problem. However, not all projects want solutions. They thrive on the dysfunction that rules them.

Through a mix of personal stories & lessons learned, this session will discuss how to deal with being a fixer on projects that don’t want fixing.  

You’ll learn to:

  1. Identify when your broken project doesn’t want to be fixed.
  2. How to slow down in order to speed up.
  3. How to deal with the personal frustration your ‘fixer’ personality can bring.
  4. How to change your language so you don’t sound like a Negative Nancy.
  5. How to ‘Trick’ even the most broken project into fixes. 

Speaker Bio

A passionate Exploratory Test Manager with 19 years of diverse IT experience, Nancy enjoys working with teams that are implementing or enhancing their testing practices and provides adaptive testing approaches to exploratory, context driven, and traditional testing teams. She has coached test teams in various environments and facilitated numerous local and international workshops and presentations. From small scale to multi-million dollar projects; Nancy has played many roles within testing including Project Test Manager, Test Manager, Test Lead and Tester.  Her most recent work has been exclusively with Exploratory Testing implementations at large scale companies.


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