FailQonf- Kaushal Dalvi - The Test Tribe

Kaushal Dalvi

Director of Quality and Performance Engineering at Ultimate Software

Talk Title

Pitfalls in Performance


Stories of #epicfails are pretty common in the performance world during busy times like Thanksgiving shopping when websites go down under load. And it is not limited to just the retail world, we have seen everyone from the likes of streaming companies apologizing on Twitter when their service couldn’t keep up with the demand on the launch of a new season of a popular series to even travel companies that cannot keep up with holiday demands at times. Join Kaushal Dalvi who has spent 10+ years in the performance world as he describes some of the failures he has seen that eventually lead to some of these public meltdowns to make sure you don’t see some of these tell-tale signs in your organization.

Speaker Bio

Since he got his first computer at age thirteen, Kaushal Dalvi has been interested in systems and software performance. He spent days researching performance characteristics of different motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and disks to configure and overclock them in order to squeeze the maximum frames per second out of the games he played. Kaushal built and maintained websites for local businesses, where he started learning about performance and reliability. He developed a taste for it, and now ten years later he continues working in the same field leading teams that deal with workload modeling, test scripting and execution, bottleneck analysis, debugging, and much more.


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