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Karen Nicole Johnson FailQonf, Software Testing Conference on Failure Stories around Software Testing and Quality, Speaker The Test Tribe

Karen N. Johnson

Director, Engineering Effectiveness at Grainger

Talk Title

Project Doom. Lessons learned as a QA Manager


Karen will share a past project experience that came with several challenges – lack of clear objectives, shared understanding of the technical aspects of the work and SMART goals. She will highlight observations and actions she took in an effort to prevent project failure.  The presentation will offer some context of the project but will not identify the client. The failure points will focus on lessons learned and how Project Doom changed the way she now approaches work. 

Speaker Bio

Karen has been a longtime contributor in software testing. She is a frequent speaker at conferences. She is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. She has published numerous articles and blogs about her experiences with software testing. For more on her speaking and writing, see her website:  She is currently employed at Grainger as the Director of Engineering Effectiveness.

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