Jeena James

GM, WebPageTest at Catchpoint

Talk Title

Google & Beyond. From “Occasionally Misses Expectations” to Creating the Trails You Glaze. – Lessons learnt from 15+ Years


My first performance rating at Google was ‘Occasionally Misses Expectations’. Back in 2006, getting this rating after having a strong education background, felt nothing short of utter failure. The rating was determined from not having met the QA benchmark for reviewing X number of Google ads. Basically, I took more time than others to make sure the ads were really compliant and clean for end users. 
I wanted to quit, vanish, and start again somewhere else. Instead, I chose to stay on at Google and for the next 13 years, focussed on learning new and evolving systems, driving efficiency with automation, securing product partnerships and scaling businesses across 3 large organizations in India and the US. 
Over the years, plenty more failures and mistakes were made, but they also made it easier for me to spot patterns, preempt issues, plan for them, and make good decisions faster. These are how I navigated through my failures and learnings at Google, a startup specializing in testing/QA, and how earlier this year join my stellar team at Catchpoint, that provides developers and IT teams one unified platform for Digital Experience Monitoring. 
In my talk, I’ll share the failures and my learnings that empowered me to create the trails I am on. I hope they will help you to build your own trails! 

Speaker Bio

Jeena leads the WebPageTest business unit at Catchpoint (, and drives the developer-focused efforts across product, engineering, marketing, partnerships, and operations. Jeena actively mentors and coaches working professionals, leaders, and startup founders. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

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