Faiza Yousuf

Senior Product Manager at Genetech Solutions

Talk Title

What my dyslexia taught me about failure?


Having a learning disability is more common than you think, but at the same time, it changes the way dyslexic people approach different aspects of life. It initially gave me a tough time in my academics and later in my professional life. Still, once I learned to manage and navigate it, it gave me excellent tools and lessons for thriving in other things in life, especially when it comes to failure. 

This is my story of dealing with failure and understanding my learning patterns to do better in life. I learned how to tinker around and became comfortable with being back to square one. Embracing and leveraging your quirks can be an asset, and that’s what we will talk about! 

Speaker Bio

Faiza Yousuf is a technologist with over a decade of experience in building products and teams. She is an award-winning community leader and the force behind WomenInTechPK. She co-founded CodeGirls, a community-funded coding boot camp for girls, and runs the online education program for Blockchain and AI from CryptoChicksPakistan. 

She leads the product development wing at Genetech Solutions and runs a consulting practice as a Product Management Expert. She is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork with the honor to be part of Upwork’s first-ever social impact report. She is also working with P@SHA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee to improve gender parity in Pakistan’s tech ecosystem. 


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