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Expert Panel

Anna Royzman

Founder of 'Test Masters Academy'

Aprajita Mathur

Sr. Manager at Guardant Health

James Bach

CEO of Satisfice & Creator of RST

Michael Bolton

Developsense & Co-Creator of RST

Panel Topic

Failures of Software Industry around Testing & Quality

Inadequate and inefficient software testing practices can contribute to poor quality products released to customers. In this session, we’ll discuss different failures in software testing. We’ll aim to highlight and share experiences from the panel covering failures in both testing process/approach and individual tester level in the following areas,

1. Defining and implementing Test strategy
2. Setting up and obtaining ROI from test automation
3. Building & Retaining test teams
4. Common mistakes by testers in different roles they play
5. Dealing with Testing failures (optional)


Anna Royzman:

Anna is a renowned international speaker and recognized expert in Software Test Leadership. In 2015, she founded Test Masters Academy which runs major international events: Test Leadership Congress, Test Masters Online, and ConTEST NYC, which made the list of the best global Software Testing conferences in 2018-2019. Anna held various test management roles for 14+ years, served as the Executive At Large on Association for Software Testing’s Board of Directors (2016-2017), as the President of AST Quality Leader SIG (2012-2014), and as the Software Test Professionals Community Advisory Board Member (2014 2015). Anna is the founder of several Test/QA meetups in New York.



Aprajita Mathur:

Aprajita Mathur is a mom, inventor, mentor, and international speaker with an engineering background in Bioinformatics. She has more than 10+ years of software testing experience. She has worked on a wide range of products like instrument software, LIMS, integrated solutions, and data analysis pipelines which are used in the fields of agriculture, transplant genomics, forensics, and oncology. Currently, she leads the Bioinformatics Software Test team at Guardant Health, which builds the world’s leading comprehensive liquid biopsy. She also leads the chapter for “Women Who Test” in the bay area and hopes to grow this community. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on sleep and write new songs for her son.



James Bach:

James is a founder of the Context-Driven school of testing. He created and teaches the Rapid Software Testing methodology, and has written two books: Lessons Learned in Software Testing (with Cem Kaner and Bret Pettichord) and a book about succeeding without going to a school, called Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar.



Michael Bolton:

Michael’s Twitter Bio says- “I help people to solve testing problems that they don’t know how to solve, and help them learn how to do that for themselves.”

Michael is a consultant and trainer specializing in Rapid Software Testing (see, a skill set and a mindset focused on high-value testing that is fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable. He also writes extensively about testing and software development on his blog (see

– He helps organizations, software development groups, and testers to defend the value of projects and products in any development context: Agile, Lean, DevOps, Scrum, or more traditional development models.
– He provides consulting to executives and managers who want the fastest, least expensive testing that still completely fulfills the testing mission.
– He teaches Rapid Software Testing—one of the world’s most highly regarded classes on software testing.
– He helps people responsible for testing to focus on a fundamental management question: are there problems that threaten the on-time, successful completion of development work?
– He teaches other classes including Rapid Software Testing for Managers, Rapid Software Testing for Programmers, Rapid Software Testing Strategy, Critical Thinking for Testers, and more.


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