Anuj Magazine

Director, Strategic Tech Programs, Walmart

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Authentic Benefits of Building a “Failure Resume”


Almost a decade ago, i read this fabulous book on organizational transformation- ‘Employees First Customers Second’. According to the author, one of the first ingredients in driving any change initiative is by making people accurately aware about the status-quo. To achieve this , he suggested a ‘Mirror Mirror’ exercise. ‘Mirror Mirror’ is nothing but a metaphor to make sure that people view reality as it exists as against seeing reality in the rear view mirror (where they can see only positive results and laurels). This concept stayed with me ever since.
Over a period of time, I adapted the ‘Mirror Mirror’ exercise not only in organizational context but also in personal context and ended up experimenting with a few approaches. One of the approaches that stood out for me and helped me immensely in my career was a ‘Failure Resume’. We all make mistakes in our careers but we are also unsurprisingly good at choosing not to talk about them.
What really is a Failure Resume, Why is it a good idea to build one, and how can it help in your career ? Join my session as I unpeel some aspects that i have learned while building and using Failure resume in a professional setting.

Speaker Bio

Anuj Magazine currently works at Walmart Global Tech India and leads Strategic Technology Programs. Prior to this, he worked at Citrix and handled roles in myriad of functions- Director (Product Management), Director (Technical Operations), Director (Engineering) during his tenure spanning 12.5 years. Prior to this, he played different roles in technology companies like McAfee and Quark.  He has 16 patent filings.

He considers ‘having a beginners mindset’ as his biggest strength.  

A good part of who he is comes from my interests and hobbies. He is a self-trained marathon runner. Have done 18 full marathons+ distances (42.195 km) (did 100 km couple of times, also a 75 km). Is an avid Sketchnote artist, which is about representing complex concepts in simple sketches. My portfolio: a professional qualification in handwriting analysis. Like to read and have been writing regularly at .Is a passionate supporter of India’s Olympic Sports. Towards this, I have been an evangelist for the NGO Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ). 

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