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Anne-Marie Charrett

Tech Leadership | International Keynoter | CxO Advisor | Testing Times Founder

Talk Title

How to be a successful fail artist


You’ve heard of a con artist, right? Someone is is an expert at conning people. Well, I’m here to introduce you to a new concept, failure artist. A failure artist is someone who has become an expert in handling failure. I’ve had so many failures I feel I’ve earned the title of failure artist.

Today, I’m going to share with you a story on how I became a motorcycle rider. Riding a motorbike around Australia has always been a secret dream of mine. The only problem was, I didn’t own a motor bike, and I didn’t know how to ride one either! In this talk, I’ll take you through some of the epic failures and the parallels between that and my life as a software tester. I’ll then share my lessons learned and how perception is often half the battle when dealing with failure.

Start up those engines and let a great day of learning begin!

Speaker Bio

Anne-Marie excels at creating spaces where quality thrives. As co-founder of Testing Times and its principal quality engineer, Anne-Marie is the lead advocate on quality engineering and how to navigate change and keep quality in the minds of all. Standing her in good stead is her years of experience as Head of Engineering at Tyro Payment, Quality Engineering Consultant and Test Automation Engineer. Anne-Marie’s technical background as an Electronic Engineer has enabled her to speak to both technical and product expertise.  Anne-Marie is an international keynoter having spoken at multiple international conferences. You can read more about her ideas on her blog and/or catch some of her thoughts on Twitter at @charrett.


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