Event Policy and Code of Conduct



We at Test Tribe Pvt. Ltd. (herein referred to as the Company or We, Us and Our) are trying to build a community of individuals who are like-minded and interested in software testing and with an aim to help them collaborate in all aspects. We provide access to our users to various events listed on our website available at  https://www.thetesttribe.com  (the “Domain”).


We shall provide our registered users (the “Participants” or “You“) event related information, pricing, availability and reservation for tickets for various event(s) including event(s), both online & offline events(s), meeting(s), session(s), masterclass(s), show(s), seminar(s) or conference(s) (the “Virtual Event”). By registering for the Virtual Event You agree to these terms, which form a binding legal contract between Our Participant and Us (“Events Terms”). If You are registering on behalf of another individual, it is Your responsibility to ensure the person participating is aware of these Event Terms  and accepts them. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual You are warranting that You have made the Participant aware of these Event Terms  and that they have accepted these Event Terms. 




1.1       Access: You have access to the Virtual Event for which You have registered as a result of Your payment (wherever applicable) and registration. Any and all additional expenditures connected with Your attendance are completely Your responsibility, and We will not be liable for them. We may change or end any programmes or modify Our prices. We may change, suspend or discontinue any of Our events. We may also modify Our prices effective retrospectively upon reasonable notice.


1.2       Account: Any incorrect information submitted during the registration process will be considered a violation of the Event Term. Upon enrolling to any of our events, an access link/information would be provided to you. Before attending, you may require to create an account on 3rd Party Platforms we use for hosting Events. Please note that the accounts are specific to the Participant(s) and shall be connected to the Participant’s phone number and registered email id. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your password and account information and  fully responsible for all activities that occur under Your password or account. You agree to (a) login with proper username/name as mentioned in Your account; (b) immediately notify Us of any unauthorised use of Your password or account or any other breach of security; and (c) ensure that You log out from Your account at the end of each session. You also acknowledge that Your account is personal to You and agree not to provide any other person with access to this Website or portions of it using Your password. You are responsible for anything that happens to Your account unless You close Your account or report any misuse. You are not permitted to transfer Your account to any other person or even jointly share access to Your account. Each registration is for a single user only, unless otherwise expressly provided on the registration page. You shall never use another Participant’s account. You will login from Your account alone and We have the right to deactivate the account in case We find that any additional persons have logged into the events through Your account.


1.3       Age Limit: You must be of 18 years of age (“Minimum Age”) to enlist for the Events offered by Us. Except when permitted by law, Participant(s) under the Minimum Age shall also be eligible to enrol for the Events on the condition that the Participant(s) will: (i) seek parental or legal guardian consent prior to approaching Us and will send a consent email permitting the minor to attend Our events in Our address at [email protected]; (ii) the consent letter will undertake that the parent/legal guardian will be legally responsible for the minor and all rights and liabilities arising from these Policies will be binding on the parent/guardian; (iii) the consent letter will be an undertaking that the parent/guardian will keep Us informed of any changes to the condition of the minor during the programme; (iv) the consent letter will hereby discharge Us from any liabilities towards the minor. We will delete the account and all information in case the parent/legal guardian do not provide us the consent letter/undertaking and/or in case they request us to delete the information and account.


1.4       Non- Transferability: You agree that Your account is non-transferable and any rights to Your account or contents with Your said account automatically terminate upon Your death. Upon receipt of a copy of a death certificate, Your account may be terminated and all contents therein permanently deleted.


1.5       Your participation: By taking part in the Virtual Event, You acknowledge and agree to grant Us the right to record, film, live stream, photograph, or otherwise capture Your participation in any media now available or hereafter developed, and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally disseminate such media in perpetuity without further approval from You or payment to You.


1.6       Your right to Admissions:  In case a particular Virtual event has an over subscription of Participants We will evaluate the applications submitted on a first-come, first-served basis and choose and admit the Participants, at Our sole discretion.


1.7       Virtual Event Content: We retain the right to alter any and all parts of the Virtual Event, including but not limited to; the Virtual Event name, topics, content, programme, speakers, performers, hosts, moderators, location, and time, at Our sole discretion. The Virtual Event content shall be recorded by Us and will be accessible to paid Participants only for the period as may be decided by Us at Our sole discretion, and not thereafter or in perpetuity.     


1.8       Privacy: You agree that We may access, store, process and use any information and personal data that You provide for the purposes of registration and attending of the events and any and all information provided shall be kept confidential by Us and shall be subject to Our Privacy Policy and the Event Terms


1.9       Offline Events. Your registration entitles You to admittance to the offline event. Any and all other costs associated with your attendance (including without limitation any travel and/or accommodation expenses) shall be borne solely by You and We shall have no liability for such cost. We will not be responsible for any refund upon Your failure to attend the overall itenary any reason caused by You. In extenuating circumstances, We have the right to amend the dates and times of an offline event. In such case, the Participant shall not be entitled to claim compensation for any costs and/or loss or damage incurred. You acknowledge that We reserves the right to request your removal from the offline event, in its sole discretion, considers your presence and/or behaviour to create a disruption or to hinder the event and/or the enjoyment of the event by other attendees or speakers.


We recommend ensuring that your travel arrangements have sufficient time to allow for delays and interruptions prior to arrival. Provided if there is a Force Majeure Event, We will take reasonable steps to find alternative arrangement. The same is however not guaranteed. By agreeing to attend the offline events, You agree to abide by the covid protocols as provided by the authorities. We are not liable for any damages, losses or expenses arising from whatever cause including those resulting from a Force Majeure Event or any other situation outside of our reasonable control. We accept no liability in case as a consequence of any loss occurring to You as a consequence of Your travelling to the offline event including claims arising from any third party service provider.




2.1.      Limitation of Use:  By registering for a Virtual Event, You agree not to sell, trade, transfer, or share Your access link and/or code with anyone else unless We expressly permit it. You agree to not to share, sell, or exchange Your access to a paid Virtual Event. If We determine that You have violated the Events Terms, We may cancel Your access, retain any payments made by You, report You to law enforcement authorities, and ban You from future Virtual Events.


2.2.      Disruptive Conduct:  You acknowledge and agree that We reserve the right to remove You from the Virtual Event if We, in Our sole discretion, determine that Your participation or behaviour create a disruption or hinder the Virtual Event or the enjoyment of the Virtual Event content by other Participants.


2.3.      Recording, Live Streaming, and Videotaping: You may not directly or indirectly record or broadcast audio or video of sessions at any of the Virtual Events. If You do so, You will have no right to commercially utilise them or even create any derivative work from it.


2.4.      Unethical/Non-Compliant Business Practices: We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who engages in or is reputed to engage in unethical or non-compliant business practices.