Atomic Workshop: Effective Locator Strategy | What, When and How of Web Locators

23rd August, 2020

Who should attend?

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Event Schedule & Outline

23rd August, 2020 | Sunday | Online Even
4:00 PM IST to 8:00 PM IST
6:30 PM SGT to 10:30 PM SGT
What is the focus of the Effective Locator Strategy Workshop?

When it comes to UI automation (web/mobile), it does not matter if we design a good framework and implement best practices, we still won’t be able to get most out of it if we are not using the correct locator strategy. The key to any successful UI automation framework depends on the implementation and usage of locators. It is important for us to understand that each element is unique and we can’t apply the same strategy to all the elements.

In this workshop, we’ll understand different types of locators and how we can select the best locator depending on the element attributes and scenario at hand. Locator strategy will keep varying based on the scenario and we’ll uncover a bit more about this in this workshop.

We have enough time to make mistakes and learn from them. Individual attention to each participant will be provided and we’ll learn amazing things on our way from each one of us. By the end of the workshop, we all should be in a state where we can easily locate an element without using any plugins or by taking any external help.

Section# 1: Understanding the Basics

To understand and identify different types of web elements directly from the DOM and to understand multiple ways to locate them.

What you will be provided with:
Skills put to test:
Assessment by Instructor:
Section# 2: Identifying Mistakes and Using Design Techniques

To identify mistakes from the assignment and learning design techniques to correct them.

What you will be provided with:
Skills put to test:
Assessment by Instructor:
Section# 3: Playing with Plugins

To locate elements using a plugin and analyzing/comparing locators. 

What you will be provided with:
Skills put to test:
Assessment by Instructor:

About Workshop Speaker

Kunal Ashar

Kunal is working as Sr. QA Engineer in Works Applications, Singapore with close to 7 years of experience majorly in product based companies. Kunal is an Automation Enthusiast, Specializes in creating and leveraging Automation Frameworks and providing effective solutions to daily automation challenges. Believes in designing and creating sustainable automation frameworks for Continuous Integration using the best of the open-source tools and delivering quick execution reports.  Have trained over 100 engineers within and outside organizations to learn automation. Writes about testing at Kunal enjoys reading books and playing Volleyball and Tennis on a regular basis.


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How the workshop would be conducted?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There will be hands-on activities involved. 

Nothing as such. We will share URL to join the workshop prior to the workshop date.

Yes, our speaker is friendly and love to help Testers. You can freely contact him for any guidance.