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Master Design Patterns for Scalable Test Automation Frameworks

What you will learn​

  • Excel in automation interviews with a deep understanding of design patterns.
  • Implement GOF design patterns in frameworks effectively.
  • Tackle high-maintenance cases and solutions.
  • Build scalable framework structures from scratch.
  • Refine frameworks with advanced refactoring techniques.
  • Evolve beyond page object models to senior-level expertise.
raneesh Choudhary

Raneesh Choudhary

Lead QA at Adobe


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Why should you learn Design Patterns?​

Learning design patterns in QA automation is essential for managing and scaling your test framework efficiently.

  • Industry Demand: Over 2,000 jobs listed on Naukri in 2024 require design pattern skills.

  • Manage Growth: Keep your expanding test suite organized and efficient.

  • Minimize Duplication: Reduce repetitive code for easier maintenance and updates.

  • Ease Onboarding: Make it simpler for new team members to contribute.

  • Control Maintenance Costs: Prevent the increase in upkeep effort as your framework grows.

  • Enhance Problem-Solving: Sharpens your skill in devising effective solutions and navigating coding complexities

This Workshop is Tailored For

  • Individuals eager to build robust solutions from Scratch.

  • Junior testers and test automation engineers looking to upskill their framework development skills.

  • Anyone seeking to acquire high-demand testing skills for career advancement.

  • Professionals aiming to improve troubleshooting and problem-solving within existing frameworks.

  • Testers dedicated to developing efficient, scalable, and maintainable automation frameworks.

  • Opportunity to learn from an industry expert and enjoy community support.

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Workshop Outline


Laying Down The Foundation​

  • Need to organize code for testers.

  • Overview of the structure of the workshop

  • An overview of GOF Design Patterns and other patterns of programming and creating modular code.

  •  Responsibilities of Senior Test Automation Engineers

  •  Attributes of a Good Test Automation Framework


Exploring Frameworks and Design Pattern

  • Discuss automation frameworks , selenium with Java and wrappers of selenium used
  • Discuss a commonly implemented framework
  • Discuss Page Object model and how it is implemented
  • Continuously increasing number of automated test cases
  • Different programming mindset at different experience level
  • Reusability problem and how it can be overdone
  • Impact on a CI-CD Pipeline
  • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Facade Pattern

Deep Dive into Multi-Platform Frameworks

  • Advantages of supporting API, Web , Mobile and Mobile Web in a single framework
  • Discuss the approaches how this can be done and the optimisations to achieve it
  • Factory Design pattern discussion and extending it to implement Abstract Factory
    Design Pattern
  •  Implement Factory pattern and a sample execution
  • Fluent pattern discussion
  • Discuss approaches and implement fluent pattern with its use cases
  • Builder pattern discussion and its relation with fluent pattern

Concluding the Workshop

  • Considering Readability, Reusability and Complexity of Test Automation Frameworks
  • Deciding goals for Test Automation Frameworks
  • Strategies for already established frameworks
  • Way forward and References

Know More About Instructor

Raneesh Choudhary

Lead QA at Adobe

I have around 7 years of experience in testing software products. In my humble experience, I got a chance to work in different scales of organizations. I have been exposed to different test strategies, mindsets, frameworks, test processes in different projects.

I do like to apply automation to testing. I have been fortunate enough to have worked on api, mobile and web automation frameworks in different programming languages and tools. Sometimes I like to create tools to optimize day to day tasks.

I am a tester at heart. I have a keen interest in diving deep in core testing concepts and letting others be aware of the same.

Workshop Preview: Insights from the Instructor

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