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Hiring Assistance

Let it be hiring the top proven talent through a Hackathon, or hiring from the Community for specific needs. We can help you reach suitable talent.

Hire What You Need, Fast!

Hire Top Software Testers With Our Help

Hiring the right talent is not easy and we all know how big the pain it is. With the increase in the demand and opportunities for the top talent, reaching them has become even more difficult. This is just another problem you can solve with Community involvement.

We help brands reach out to the best talent in several ways.

  • Sharing relevant Profiles directly and engaging as your extended screening arm (which has access to the top talent).
  • By allowing to post your Job Opening on our Job Portal buzzing with top Testing Talent. 
  • Challenge Based Hiring: We can run a specific Hiring Challenge targeting a relevant audience where the submissions are evaluated and top entries passed to the Hiring team.
  • Hiring through Hackathons: We can run Exclusive Hackathons or you can be our Hiring Partner at our routine The Bug Feast Hackathons to get access to the top talent and evaluate them further. Based on our previous experience, both this and the Challenge Based Hiring ways have reduced total hiring time by as high as 80%.
  • Talent Partner at our Conferences: We explicitly capture the consent of our Conference attendees if they would want to be contacted by our Sponsors for any relevant job opportunities. A great way to attract global talent towards your Brand.

Share your preference or any new idea you may have and we will be talking in no time. Let’s hire the best.

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