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How every other Business is taking Community involvement and development so seriously is no secret today. Everyone has understood that the traditional Sales and Marketing Channels no more are enough to take them where they want to reach. Businesses are thirsty for Community Engagement, and rightly so. We help them make this happen through our ‘Exclusive Branded Events’ initiatives as part of our mission to connect Brands and Communities.

While so far we have primarily done a lot of Exclusive Software Testing Hackathons with several Brands, we have frameworks, team, and experience which can take a lot of other ideas to execution as well.

These Exclusive Events gets designed as per your context and based on what problems you want to solve. These can be Virtual or Offline in a City of your choice. Right from the Scope of the event to the Challenges and formats, along with Target Audience, everything can be customized. We have so far done similar Events with Cigniti, HeadSpin, Qualitest, Runs, ACCELQ, Virtuoso, etc.

Share your requirement or problem to be solved through the below form and we will be talking in no time if what you are planning to do is beneficial and accessible to our Community Members as well.

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