20+ Testers have already registered for this meetup!

The Test Tribe 15th Chennai Meetup

25th November 2023
10:30 AM - 01:00 PM IST

20+ Testers have already registered for this!

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25th November 2023
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST


Full Creative
International Tech Park, Tharamani

Getting Started with Web/API Security Testing

In this talk, we will cover decision table testing and pairwise combination approach techniques. Decision tables are a concise visual representation for specifying which actions to perform depending on given conditions. Pairwise testing is a combinatorial method of software testing that, for each pair of input parameters to a system (typically, a software algorithm), tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameter.

These two techniques are the most underrated but very efficient techniques. Please come with a notebook!

Key TakeAways
  1. What is Security Testing?
  2. How Every tester can practice security testing in their regular functional testing cycle
  3. Common vulnerabilities in WordPress websites and their impact
  4. Understanding security headers for any HTTP(S) requests
  5. Common vulnerabilities in security headers and their impact

Session #1

Deepan Kumar

QA Manager SecureW2

Software Tester with the ability to test a software and find important problems quickly. I am experienced in testing web applications, mobile applications, desktop software. I specialize in using exploratory testing approach with quality focus on functional and usability testing.

Think outside the Testing Pyramid

I’ve seen testing, especially end to end testing, done wrongly over the years, and sadly I often see the same anti-patterns repeated over and over. so I thought it would be worthwhile to share my thoughts on this complex topic.

Key TakeAways
  1. What is ephemeral env ? EBS vs EKS difference
  2. Configuration of ephemeral env
  3. Spinning of new env
  4. Automation in ephemeral env

Session #2

Raju Ayyampillai

Test Architect FULL Creative

Raju Ayyampillai, Test Architect at FULL Creative, who has an experience over 9+ years in the Software Testing Industry.

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Deepan Kumar

QA Manager SecureW2
Ashwin Kumar Shanmugam

Ashwin Kumar Shanmugam

Lead Automation Engineer GTEN

Your Hosts, Our Chennai Tribe Champions.

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      Software Testing Meetup in Chennai | Tester's Community Meet
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      Join the 10th software testing meetup in Chennai by The Test Tribe happening on 3rd June, 2023. Learn about Playwright Java Framework and much more.

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