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automation with selenium and java
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Our Money Back Guarantee

We are super confident of what we are delivering and hence this Money Back Guarantee wherein one can claim it anytime in the initial 5 Weeks of the Automation Bootcamp if they feel we are not delivering what we promised with the Quality.

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Hear from our Past Attendees!

Hear from our Past Attendees!

Hear from our Past Attendees!

I am truly happy with the bootcamp and the instructors Kunal and Amar. They are extremely doing their best to make sure that each and every one of us  understands every single thing and making sure that is crystal clear even if we might exceed our deadline BUT they still willing to put extra time to make us get the most out of it. Honestly this is an amazing experience so far and I wish others to attend this bootcamp and join this amazing community :slightly_smiling_face:. Keep it up guys :heartbeat:


Reem Alim

Senior Software Engineer in Test, Egypt

Automation Bootcamp would be a great step ahead in any tester’s career. It can be useful to beginners in Java as well as to beginners in Selenium and great possibility to learn from experienced one.
The lecturers are really dedicated and they give their maximum to answer every question, so that all students understand the material and overcome all obstacles.
I would recommend this Bootcamp to every tester who wants to develop their Automation skills, to prosper and to succeed.


Tamara Radic

QA Automation Engineer at Symphony, Serbia

This bootcamp is beautifully designed from basic to advanced level. The In-house and takeaway assignments will help you to practice handle difficult scenarios. This bootcamp not only will help you to understand each and every concepts of Java and Selenium but also make you interview ready. Kunal is very supportive and friendly, a great mentor to learn from. Kudos to #TheTestTribe for this initiative.

automation bootcamp

Anomitro Munshi

Software Development Engineer In Test at Automatad , Inc.

I have probably taken 3 or 4 online courses and have gone through 1000s of videos in youtube to learn Selenium the right way. When I have enrolled for the bootcamp, I had a feeling that I will be learning a new version of the same thing. But actually, I have learnt things I have never learnt before. I am more than happy for choosing to take up the bootcamp. Thank you for the great help. :slightly_smiling_face:

automation bootcamp


QA Analyst at Upland Software, India

It may be a coincidence that I am more focused on what I am learning than I have ever been over the years, but there’s no denying the fact this bootcamp so far has given me several Eureka! moments about Software Engineering and its idiosyncrasies. The syllabus, the teaching style, the design of assignments, the deep discussions, the flexibility, the infrastructure, planning and logistics… almost everything about this camp is path breaking. I have enjoyed every bit of being a part of it.

automation bootcamp

Chidambaram Ganesan

Test Lead at Moolya Testing, India

Kunal is teaching automation bootcamp very methodically. He started from the very basics and stepped up each level in each session. He covered until now basics of JAVA, OOPS concepts, setting up automation project from scratch and also setting a good project structure. He encourages everyone to ask questions and also review our code and give good feedback on code, concept, missed scenarios, clean coding practices etc. I highly recommend Kunal’s attention to detail while teaching this automation bootcamp.

automation bootcamp

Sonali Jot

Software Quality Engineer at CapitalOne, UK

I had an exciting experience with the bootcamp, enjoy it a lot, except the hours, which is a bit uncomfortable for me. 🙂
Mahesh and his team doing a great job, and they are willing to adapt depending on course members prior knowledge, learning pace and expectations. I think for all who wants to have a great introduction to Selenium with Java, this course is the right choice.

automation bootcamp

Hasan Turhal

Software Tester, France

Kunal & Team exceeding expectations beyond imagination. Beside their matchless technical abilities they are so humble, genuine & selfless. If you reading this, you are already late but better late than never. This must be your stop to become a valuable Test Automation Engineer.

I thank myself often for Joining this Bootcamp. I can feel the value they’re adding to my skillset. Your class timings will fly.

One to One interaction, doubt clarification, In house Assignments, Weekly Assignment, Mid- Week Sync Up call, their knowledge on the subject & their commitment sets them apart. I just came with willingness to learn Test Automation & every other thing was covered. It was my rightest move to learn from such people.



SQA Engineer at Analytics, Pakistan

The selenium Bootcamp has been helpful for me on a number of different levels.
Firstly, the way it is taught really works for me. The combination of theory combined with in-house and weekend assignments help me in analyzing my understanding of the subject being taught. The highlight of this bootcamp for me was the assignment reviews and the query resolutions provided by Kunal and Amar during and beyond the bootcamp hours. It speaks volumes about the efforts they are taking to make sure you are clear with all concepts. The weekend classes are extremely well organized with both Kunal and Amar handling and solving every query raised by us so well. I would highly recommend those who want to learn selenium to attend this Bootcamp.


Kalyani Auti

Software Test Engineer at Ayoconnect, India

Automation Bootcamp has immensely helped me to learn automation and java from scratch.
Kunal has been one of the most knowledgeable, patient, passionate, and supportive instructors that I’ve come across.
His sessions have been very interactive and the pace is well maintained.
He always ensures that all the queries are addressed during/after the session.
Post-session queries have been addressed on slack in a timely manner.
There are lots of Hands-on assignments and In-house assignments that we are made to perform, which builds confidence for automating projects.
While explaining a concept, he has also catered to the applications of the concepts in the real world and the interview questions surrounding it.
This is really helpful for cracking interviews related to Automation.
For me personally, this bootcamp has been totally worth it!!!


Sybil Thomas

Specialist Software Engineer at LTI, India

Select The Batch

Batch #2

Mode: Soldout

Date: 15th May, 2021
Duration: 10-12 Weeks
Timing(in IST): 11 AM to 3:30 PM

Batch #3

Mode: Soldout

Date: 20th November, 2021
Duration: 12 Weeks
Timing(in IST): 11 AM to 3:30 PM

Batch #4

Mode: Online

Date: 4th June, 2022
Duration: 12 Weeks
Timing(in IST): 11 AM to 3:30 PM

Bootcamp Schedule

Starting 4th of June, 2022 | 9 Hours per Week

Every Saturday & Sunday– 11 AM IST to 3:30 PM IST

Mid-week Sync-up every Wednesday– 8 PM IST to 9 PM IST

Automation Bootcamp Syllabus

Section# 1: Java for Selenium

1. Getting Started with Java

2. Learning about different Data Types

3. Understanding Different Types of variable

4. Working with Operators

5. Playing with control statements

- Selection Statements

- Iterative Statements

6. Understanding Classes and Objects

7. Exploring OOPS concepts using

- Inheritance

- Polymorphism

- Encapsulation

- Abstraction

8. Access Modifiers

9. Working of Enums and Varargs

10. Playing with Arrays

11. Exploring Strings Concepts

12. Exception Handling and Exception Propagation

13. Use of Collection

- List

- Set

- Map

14. Understanding Collections class

15. Nested Collections

16. Comparator

17. Basic Lambda Functions for Automation

Section# 2: Locators

1. Understanding HTML

2. Understanding DOM

3. Locating Web Elements:

4. Advance Locator Designing Techniques

Section# 3: Selenium WebDriver

1. Configuring Maven Project

2. Selenium Overview