Ask Me Anything with Ritu Chowdhary

Ask Me Anything with Ritu Chowdhary

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Date: 04th October 2023

Time: 8:00 PM – 09:00 PM (IST)

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Session Title: Test Automation

Optimizing test automation maintenance can be achieved by following best practices such as the test pyramid, using a layered approach in the test automation framework, and collaborating between development and QA. Implementing custom DSLs can simplify and streamline the test automation code, and combining this with logging and exception handling at each layer helps to effectively debug test automation failures. Environmental sanitization is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked as it can reduce the effort needed for test automation maintenance. When transitioning from in-house machines to cloud or containerized playback, it’s essential to ensure that the test environment is correctly set up. In summary, test automation maintenance can be optimized by adopting clean coding practices, considering upstream test automation impacts by collaborating with development and QA, and being adaptable to new technologies and environments.

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Ritu Chowdhary

Director, India Head - Quality Control at Ubisoft

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for software project team members involved in testing, programming, business analysis, software construction, and deployment.

Yes, if he/she wants to validate their current automation approach and pick up ways to extend their practice – especially using tools to support test design.

Yes. There will be hands-on activities involved. 

None – but this would be more relevant to someone with testing or development experience.

Yes, All topics will be covered with hands-on exercises.

You can get your doubt solved with the instructor in the session, or can get in touch on a 1-1 communication channel.

We highly encourage attending all the sessions live. However, if you miss a particular session, we will share the session recording so you can cover those topics before the next session. Please note that this will be approved on a case to case basis.

Yes, our instructor is friendly and loves to help Testers. You can freely contact for any guidance and there will be monthly common sync-up as well.

Yes, you will receive notes/cheat-sheet. All examples including source code are provided.

You will get one participation certificate and a completion certificate (on completing the final project).

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