Advertisement Policy


Last updated: [1st November, 2021]

Illegal Products, Services, and Activities


Ads for illegal products, services, and activities are strictly prohibited. All ads must comply with the applicable laws and regulations, including laws covering what content is allowed in ads and how ads are targeted




Ads competing with any of the offerings by TTT will not be accepted. All the TTT’s offerings are available for display and perusal on the Website.




TTT does not tolerate any discrimination based on age, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, race, color, national origin, or sexual preference. Ads must comply with this as well as all laws, including laws that prohibit discrimination in connection with education, housing, credit, and employment.


Offensive to Good Taste. 


Ads must not be offensive to good taste. This means ads must not be, for example, hateful, vulgar, sexually suggestive, or violent. In special circumstances, TTT may determine that an ad that was acceptable is no longer appropriate as we update our policies to reflect new laws or clarify our position.

Fraud and Deception


Ads must not be fraudulent or deceptive. Your product or service must accurately match the content of your ad. Any claims in your ad must have factual support. Do not make deceptive or inaccurate claims about competitive products or services. Do not imply you or your product are affiliated with or endorsed by others without their permission. Do not advertise prices or offers that are inaccurate – any advertised discount, offer or price must be easily discoverable from the link in your ad.

Trademark Infringement


Ads must not use trademarks belonging to third parties unless express permission has been granted by the trademark owner. You should not use trademarks, logos, service marks, or company names in a way that would be confusing to the user, or imply any affiliation or endorsement when there is none. Trademark owners can send concerns about the use of their trademarks to [email protected]


Copyright Infringement. 


Ads must not use copyrights belonging to third parties unless express permission has been granted by the copyright owner. If you believe in good faith that your copyright has been infringed, please contact us at [email protected] to learn how to submit a notice of copyright infringement.

Fake Documents and Related Services. 


Ads for fake documents and related services are prohibited.


Tobacco Products. 


Ads for tobacco products are prohibited. This includes ads selling or promoting, directly or indirectly, any tobacco products (such as cigarettes, pipes, cigars), alternative tobacco products (such as e-cigarettes or vaporizers), or any related equipment that facilitates the use of tobacco. Lawful products and services which promote quitting tobacco are permitted.




Ads related to illegal, prescription, over-the-counter or recreational drugs are prohibited.

Weapons, Fireworks, and Other Violent Products or Services. 


Ads related to the promotion, use, or sale of weapons, ammunition, fireworks, or any other violent product or service are prohibited.


Adult Content. 


Ads containing adult content, including ads for adult products and services, are prohibited.


Ringtones. Ads for downloadable ringtones are prohibited.




Ads for counterfeit goods are prohibited.


Gambling and Sweepstakes. 


Ads related to gambling or sweepstakes of any kind are prohibited.



Ads related to the buying, selling or trading of cryptocurrencies are prohibited.


Occult Pursuits. 


Ads for fortune-telling, dream interpretations, and individual horoscopes are prohibited, except when the emphasis is on amusement rather than serious interpretation.


Health Matters.


Ads promoting unrealistic or misleading claims about health improvements, including those related to diet and weight loss, are prohibited. Ads promoting unhealthy or unsafe behaviors, such as excessive consumption of an item, are also prohibited. TTT reserves the right to restrict advertising related to any health matter if targeted inappropriately.


Affiliate Advertising. Ads related to affiliate advertising are prohibited.




Political ads are prohibited, including ads advocating for or against a particular candidate, party, or ballot proposition or otherwise intended to influence an election outcome; ads fundraising for or by political candidates, parties, political action committees or similar organizations, or ballot propositions; and ads exploiting a sensitive political issue even if the advertiser has no explicit political agenda.


Sensitive Events


LinkedIn does not allow ads that are inappropriate during the time of or in relation to a tragedy, disaster, or similarly sensitive event.


Hacking, Cracking, and Circumvention


Ads that promote products or services for hacking, cracking or circumvention are prohibited.


Incomplete Ad. 


Incomplete ads will be rejected. If your ad is rejected as incomplete, please finalize it and resubmit.